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    Updated On: Dec 15, 2018

    I would like to thank all the Crew Chiefs that participated in the Company held CC Meeting on November 28th.  Your comments and concerns were well voiced, relevant, and presented to the group tactfully.  I appreciate you taking the time to face off with the new Ramp Manager and call him out on important issues.

    Many topics were covered including; communicating to Management that holding the CC meeting after the bid had been written and posted had no value, ongoing issues with Cargo need to be addressed, and calling out OT day before for known needs.  Also discussed was the concern of the CSM’s schedules, they rotate so often that CSM on duty is not prepared with experience to handle shift nuances.

    Some of Management’s’ responses to your concerns were; will not change shift starts by 5 minutes for shuttle because operationally it’s not supported, there must be an 85% or greater load factor to justify calling OT – freight and mail loads are not considered, and ongoing communications failures.  I found Mr. Funk to be unprepared for the meeting, he didn’t even have a copy of his bid with him !

    The other major topic discussed was that the bid reflected no coverage for ROC Crew Chief after 2100.  Mr. Funk casually commented that it could be covered by Line Control or Bagroom.  He was reminded that around 2100 is peak operational time for both those positions.  He showed no interest in resolving the problem but rather just seems to think it would work itself out.  The Union did state that not noting a change on the shift bid to include those duties was a contract violation, Mr. Funk had no interest in making the necessary changes to be compliant.   

    In response to the Company’s position, I have filed a 29(d) Presidential Grievance to have a Crew Chief re-bid.  You may read the grievance here on the link.  The Company has 15 calendar days to respond to the grievance, I shall keep everyone updated when I get a response.

    Make no mistake – this is not the American Airlines you hired in with and the New American has no interest in what we may contribute as having value.

    ** NOTICE **

    I did get a response from Faith on the 29d, she denied the grievance.  While the bid selections were posted in a timely manner, she failed to notice that that was not what the grievance was about.  Had she read more clearly our agreement she would notice the contact language "ALL INFORMATION" not "some information", which is what the issue is.  I will continue to move this forward and keep everyone updated as I go through the process.

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