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  • DUO - a MUST !
    Posted On: Mar 05, 2019


    I did some investigation on the DUO, bottom line we are all going to have to use it. 

    Welcome to the new high-tech age of Jetnet.  The Tech I spoke with (helpline) told me that the new deadline for DUO was March 1, 2019.  Those not enrolled by that date will have to enroll the next time you try and update or change your Jetnet sign in.

    If you are using a flip phone, land line, or a tablet device it will be best for you to call the help line to get set up 866.523.5333. If you have no phone or device of any type see a Manager.

    All others using an iPhone or Android download the DUO app from the app store or Google Play– “Duo Mobile”.  If you are an Apple user, there is a version for the iPad and Apple Watch in the app store.

    Visit website to enroll (MFA stands for Multi-Factor Authentication), this opens the IVP (Identity verification portal).  Explore the FAQ’s, there is good information there to explain what and how DUO works.  In order to enroll for the first time, you need to be working from a computer at work that is connected to the American Airlines server.  If you are out on a LOA and/or cannot get to the airport to use a supported computer – call: 866.523.5333 to get set up.  Outside of airport computer set up will require a Manager to authenticate that you are who you say you are, the Tech will reach out to them and get that verification.

    When you have downloaded the phone app or set up a land line or other device, visit the site.  You will see “choose an authentication method” – “Call Me”; (smart phone, flip phone, land line) you will get a call with instructions, “Passcode”; you will get a text on your selected device with a code to enter, “Duo Push”; open your Duo phone app and tap on the green bar on top, from there select “approve”.  You are in ! The Push to Duo is probably the fastest and easiest.

    Once you are activated and authenticated you may change or update your Jetnet password and sign in.  This process only has to be done every 90 days at the time you are required to update your password.  You will not need the app or make a call to sign in to Jetnet for travel, pay, shift swaps, bag scanners, lessons, and all the other things in Jetnet. 

    It is once every 90 days………BTW – the Company or no one else will be able to access any of your personal information from your device or phone.

    This is some of the helpful content from the FAQ on the IVP

    How do I add, remove, repair, or replace devices?

    During your first time enrollment, you can select "Add another device" after you enroll your first authentication method. Once enrolled, the next time you visit the portal, the system will recognize your enrollment status and you must authenticate using Duo in order to login. When multiple devices are enrolled, you can select a default device. When accessing sensitive pages, such as the change password page, the system allows you to select the device you want to use for Duo authentication. For this reason, we highly recommend enrolling multiple devices to reduce the impact in the event you break or lose a device.

    If you get a new device with a new phone number and you are unable to login to the Identity Verification Portal with your old phone number, you must call the helpdesk to remove your device. Once unenrolled, you must revisit the Identity Verification Portal to perform a first time registration.

    The Identity Verification Portal is currently only accessible from the AA, Piedmont, or PSA networks, however we are working to make it Internet accessible only for enrolled users who can successfully authenticate using Duo.

    What methods of verification are supported?

    1. Duo Mobile App (Recommended) 

    Easily authenticate by tapping an "Approve" button from your Duo Mobile App. In the event your smart device doesn't have Internet connectivity, the app can generate a one-time use passcode that you enter at the Duo login prompt. 

    2. By Phone call

    In the Duo Passcode/Second Password: box, type phone.

    Click OK.

    You will receive an automated phone call from American's IT Help Desk (1-866-523-5333).

    Answer the call and press 1 on your phone to log in (you do not have to wait until prompted to press 1). If you believe the call was fraudulent, press # to deny the verification request.

    3. Text Message (SMS) 

    Duo can send you a text message with a one-time use passcode. When prompted to use Duo Multi-Factor Authentication, select the "Enter a passcode" option and select "Text me new codes." This is the least secure method, therefore we recommend the use of the Duo Mobile App on a smart phone.  

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