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    Updated On: May 04, 2019

    The TWU International has introduced a new Committee dedicated to cultivating younger and newer Members in to leadership roles.  The new group has tagged itself “FLOC”, and is organizing throughout the TWU.

    Members of the TWU Future Leaders Organizing Committee (FLOC) met April 3-5 at International headquarters in Washington, DC, planning the committee’s goals and next steps.

    Four leaders were appointed: Co-Chair Raychel Armstrong, Co-Chair Wyatt Gray, Recording Secretary Jordan Bravo and Communications Committee Chair Jarrod Gillen.

    Armstrong, FLOC co-chair and member of Local 577, said that one of FLOC’s goals is to change how young workers interact within the labor movement.

    “It provides me with a space to educate myself, challenge the way I think, and reflect on what I’ve done to bring workers together,” Armstrong said. “Instead of asking what my union is doing for me, the question shifts to, ‘How am I participating and helping my fellow workers?’”

    Gray, FLOC co-chair and member of Local 513 said that he has renewed hope for the TWU’s future after seeing all the “passion and motivation” from his fellow FLOC members.

    “I’m so proud to work alongside other young workers helping get our fellow young workers and future leaders active and energized in the union, as well as re-engaging with members with higher seniority to keep this movement going into the future,” Gray stated. “Being a member of FLOC, I know the TWU will do great things.”

    Gillen, Local 568 Chief Shop Steward and FLOC Communications Committee Chairman, noted that after only two meetings, a lot of progress has been made establishing ways to better organize young workers and get them more involved in union activity.

    “My enthusiasm definitely jumped after meeting other young TWU members from all over the nation and finding out there were people just like me who shared the same goal,” Gillen explained. “Even though we all know we are up against powerhouse corporations trying to destroy the labor movement, we are all still ready to dive in head first. That, in itself, is very inspirational and keeps me on my toes to strive to do a good job.”

    Bravo, FLOC Recording Secretary and Local 510 Shop Steward said that since joining FLOC, the uncertainty he once had about the future of unionism is gone.

    “Being able to have the opportunity to work side-by-side with such a passionate group and share ideas and visions to find solutions to real-time problems feels amazing,” Bravo said. “Focusing on not only our future, but the futures of our fellow members’ well-being, I was able to come to the realization that we need to stick together. Being a part of FLOC has given me a whole new view on the future as a TWU member.”

    The next FLOC meeting is currently being scheduled. Stay tuned for updates on FLOC social media pages.

    FLOC Instagram:  @twufloc    #flocitup

    FLOC PodCast:

    Local 505 FLOC Leaders are William Zheng and Raymond Guam

    We are proud to have 505 represented in the Committee and hope younger, new Members will get involved to carry TWU into the future.

    More Information:
    505 FLOC
    Meet the FLOC
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